Ninpo Taijutsu


Our Philosophy

Self  defense is an innate God-given right. The ability to protect ones life  is fundamental. We help you enhance your ability in this area by  teaching you martial arts skills to help you survive a deadly  encounter. 

We believe in practical application of both traditional and modern martial arts for real life senarios. Complementary to our traditional Japanese martial art training programs we offer specialty topic classes to learn techniques for disarming edge weapons, blunt objects, pistols,  retaliating against the attacker, footwork, timing and more.


What We Teach

Ninpo Taijutsu is a comprehensive traditional Japanese martial art that includes the Samurai and Ninja arts.

Since  the Samurai arts are the foundation of Ninpo Tai Jutsu, the study of  Samurai weapons are a large part of the Ninpo curriculum. 

Ken Jutsu (sword), Bi-Ken Jutsu, Bo Jutsu (staff) and Naginata Jutsu are studied here. We also focus on various antiquated Ninjutsu weapons.


You'll Learn

Jujutsu: The art of taking the opponent’s center. Jujutsu focuses on joint locks, throws, takedowns, chokes and strikes.

Daken Tai Jutsu:  The art of punching and kicking. Said to be one of the original types  of Karate, Daken Tai Jutsu is used complementary to Jujutsu in order to  set up throws and takedowns.

Koppo Jutsu:  The art of destruction to the skeletal structure. This ancient art was  used to disarm the armored Samurai by smashing through weak points of  the armor.

Kosshi Jutsu:  The art of applying pressure points. Pressure point strikes applied  between the openings of the Samurai armor helped to set up the attacker  for a finishing blow.

Taihenjutsu:  The art of saving oneself from falls, trips or throws by rolling and  break falling. Perhaps the most important of the various arts  encompassed by Ninpo, Taihenjutsu incorporates advanced ground fighting  techniques.

Kukishin Ryu Bo Jutsu

This  video shows 8 various techniques that are a part of the curriculum  taught in Shin Gan Dojo's Stick & Cane class. The full curriculum  comes from the traditional Japanese martial art school Kukishin Ryu Bo  Jutsu. The techniques learned in this class are applicable to practical  real life senarios.

Kids - Ninjutsu

Sensei  Brian Simmons introducing Shin Gan Dojo in Sparks, Nevada USA. 

He  describes our experience teaching kids martial arts, self defense,  confidence, focus, and discipline.